Reading Materials & Lecture Notes

Class 1, Jan 14: Welcome introduction & syllabus

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Class 2, Jan 16: Global climate & environmental change: concept overview (lecture)

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Class 3, Jan 21: Global climate change: observation, attribution & policies (lecture)

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Read IPCC AR5 technical summary

Class 4, Jan 23: Dicussion/debate: Is AR5 weakening the case for anthropogenic global warming comparing to AR4?

Read Prof. Curry's blog (HW1a: reaction journal required)

Read IPCC AR4 WG1 SPM (no reaction journal)

Read IPCC AR5 WG1 SPM (HW1b:reaction journal required)

Class 5, Jan 28: Discussion/debate: What are the effective policies for mitigating global warming?

Read IPCC AR4 WG3 SPM (HW2: Write a topic essay; see "Writing Homework" for detailed instructions)

Class 6: Jan 30: Natural interanal modes of climate variability (Lecture)

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Read Power et al. 1999 on IPO (HW3: Reaction journal required)

Read Sutton and Hudson paper on AMO

Class 7, Feb 4: Discussion & role play: Are man-made aerosols intensifying the Arabian Sea tropical cyclones?

Read Evan et al. 2011 (HW4a: Reaction journal required)

Read Wang et al. 2012 (HW4b: Reaction journal required)

Class 8, Feb 6: Class Debate: Climate mitigation policy and international trade

Read this policy article (HW5: Reaction journal is required)

Class 9, Feb 11: Movie: The Island President

Read this Nature Geosci. article; notice the discussion on Maldives Island region (HW6: Reaction journal required)

Class 10: Feb 13: The Island Presisdent: Discussion/debate

HW7: Reaction journal for the movie required

Class 11: Feb 18: Guest lecture:The Science of Climate Change and Barriers to Affecting Policy Change. Dr. Jeff Kiehl, Senior Scientist, NCAR

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Read this climate change communication article (HW8: Reaction journal required)

Class 12, Feb 20: Hot topic: Hurricane Sandy/Haiyan: natural variability, human effect & policy? (To help class debate, each group leader should gather 3-5 ppt slides and put it on a flash drive)

HW9: Topic essay on Hurricanes Sanday & Taifeng Haiyan: natural variability, human impact & policy implications

Class 13, Feb 25: Movie: The 11 hour

HW10: Reaction journal for this Youtube movie ( First, Watch this Youtube movie by John Liu: China restoration, and then write the reaction journal.

Class 14, Feb 27: Discussion: The 11the hour (HW11: Reaction journal for the movie required)

Class 15, Mar 4: Discussion & role play: Global warming/icesheet melting, & US Northeast coast sea level rise/policy

Read article 1 ( HW12a reaction journal required)

Read article 2 (HW12b: Reaction journal required)

Read article 3

Class 16, Mar 6: Discussion/debate: Global warming, natural climate variability, US drought: Science and policy?

Read Nigam et al. 2011 paper

Read Dai 2012 (HW13a: Reaction journal required)

Read this US drought policy paper (HW13b: Reaction journal required)

Class 17, Mar 11: Guest Lecture: IPCC AR5: Process, Projections, and Predictions. Dr. Gerald A. Meehl from NCAR

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(HW14: Reaction journal for this article)

Read this interesting article

Class 18, Mar 13: Movie: Boy who cried warming

HW15: Reaction journal for this policy article

Class 19, Mar 18: Discussion/debate on the movie

HW16: Reaction journal for the movie

Class 20, Mar 20: Guest Lecture by Dr. Fei Chen, NCAR. Title: Effect of urban development on weather/climate

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Read this interesting article on ozone-hole treaty slowed global warming

Class 21, Apr 1: Discussion: Boulder regional action plan

Read Boulder Climate Action Plan (HW17: Reaction journal required)

Class 22, Apr 3: Class project

Holly Marcus, Alayna Wachter

Read this suggested article by Holly

Read this suggested article by Alayna (you may ignore the facebook and twitter responses parts)

Class 23, Apr 8: Class project

Nicholas Sella, Ian Rodriguez, Ned McElfresh

Read this article suggested by Nicholas

Read this article suggested by Ian

Read this article suggested by Ned

Class 24, Apr 10: Class project

Swithin Lui, Megan Long, Summer Hazlewood

Reading suggested by Swithin

Reading suggested by Megan

Reading 1 suggested by Summer

Reading 2 suggested by Summer

Class 25, Apr 15: Class project

Cole Harding, Chad Hamel, Matthew Fellin

Reading suggested by Cole (if the link does not work, please visit:

Reading suggested by Chad

Reading suggested by Matthew

Class 26, Apr 17: Class project

Michael Elges, Travis Donovan, Jane Culkin

Reading suggested by Jane

Reading suggested by Mike

Reading suggested by Travis

Class 27, Apr 22: Class project

Nicholas Bitzer, Adam Bernardini, Chad Alexander

Reading suggested by Nicholas

Reading suggested by Adam

A 2nd suggested reading by Adam (skim over will be helpful)

Reading suggested by Chad

Class 28, Apr 24: Class project: Jamison Wilson; Discussion/debate: Human influences on climate and our environment, policy implications?

Read this suggested article by Jamison

Read this EPA website

HW18: Reaction journal for this policy article required (start early! This is a 35-page article)

Class 29, Apr 29: Guest lecture: Land use/land change. Prof. R. Pielke, sr.

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Read Paper 1

Read Paper 2

Class 30, May 1: Guest speaker: ROBERTO GUERRA, Scripps Fellow in Environmental Journalism. Followed by concluding discussions led by discussion leaders